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About us

About Us

Boscage Landscaping is a locally owned company started by Luke Franich in 2014.  The company originally began as Clean Cut Mowing, then several years later, Franich Landscape.  And now, rebranded as Boscage Landscaping.   Over the course of several years, the company began to grow with 2020 taking off like no other.  We are currently heavily investing in the business and plan for a consistent growth over the coming years to serve more customers in the Bettendorf area and create more jobs for our community.  The vision for the business is to create a team, motivated, high energy, customer service driven, and continuously improving ourselves.  We use the P4P (Pay for Performance) compensation model to incentivize our team members to produce results more efficiently.  This removes the "hourly pay system" which gives no incentive to be more efficient.  This model, coupled with our "Yellow Slip Program" & profit sharing, allows our team members to think & work like owners, which in turn leads to better customer service and attention to detail.  We believe in capitalizing on the softwares available for systems and procedures to standardize and simplify our tasks in day to day business.  We strive to have a high quality, repeatable product our customers can come to appreciate.   We run a lean operation by substituting ramp racks for trailers and using storage containers instead of building expensive shop spaces.  This allows up to focus our money and attention on what the customer wants bringing more value to them.   Our company focuses exclusively on residential properties in Bettendorf, parts of Davenport, and parts of LeClaire.

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What does Boscage Mean?

 bos·​cage | ˈbä-skij

  1. A place set with trees or mass of shrubbery, a grove or thicket.

  2. (art) Among painters, a picture depicting a wooded scene.

  3. A tax on wood.

Conditions of flow -

1. Presence of clear goals;

2. Availability of immediate feedback;

3. match of challenges with adequate personal skills;

4. Merging of action and awareness;

5. Focused attention and concentration on the task at hand;

6.Perception of control over the situation;

7. Loss of self-consciousness;

8. Absorption so intense that it alters the sense of time; and

9.Intrinsic motivation and autonomous initiative (Csíkszentmihályi, 1990)

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