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Welcome to our company!

Thank you so much for your consideration of Boscage Landscaping.  Below you will find information about our company.  We hope this information gives us at least a small amount of good rapport in your initial view of our business.  We understand there can be many options to choose from for your landscaping needs with service providers all across the QCA.  Below is an introduction about our business along with a message about how we differ from our competition.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 563.209.4636,, or simply submit an estimate request form from the menu above this page on our website.

About our company.

Our company was incorporated in 2019; however, the story starts back in 2012 when Luke Franich started a small lawn mowing operation called “Clean Cut Mowing”.  Spending almost all his money on an f-150, a 30’’ push mower, and a few power & hand tools he would service a handful of yards around the Bettendorf area.  The journey was much more difficult than expected, however, slowly but surely, using all the money left over, Luke invested back in the business and upgraded equipment to be more efficient as a business and grow overall.  During this journey he also worked for 2 separate landscape companies while running the business in the QCA to stay afloat financially and acquire skills and knowledge about the landscape industry.  Eventually, having enough capital and knowable to break off as a full-time business owner, he began Franich Landscape in 2019 and hired employees.  Skip forward to 2021 and the company was rebranded as Boscage Landscaping.  We are currently growing quickly and have plans to expand into new territory by 2026 thanks to our 100’s of loyal customers around the QCA.


Our vision as a business is to create a motivated, customer service-oriented team.  A team who is positive and self-improvement driven with a collective focus on the overall customer experience and improving our systems and procedures as a business.  Our leading overbearing principle as a business is to focus exclusively on what exactly provides value to our customers, what THEY want, and what makes for a better customer journey.  This is how we make our larger decisions, compensate team members, handle marketing, sales, customer service, equipment purchases, and others business tasks and decisions.  We keep a very lean operation by having a virtual office, running out of storage containers, and substituting trailers for ramp racks on some of our truck setups.  Without an expensive office space, storage building, and overly pricey equipment, this allows us to constantly invest in quality team members, updated equipment, and stay up to date with back-end software used to improve the customer experience.  We deeply value communication and follow through in every aspect of our business. We strive to create a team member environment of continual self-improvement both personally and as we serve our valued customers.


There are many other good landscaping companies in the Quad Cities. Why does Boscage Landscaping exist? Our goal is to revolutionize the level of professionalism in the landscaping industry and to employ team members that are inspired by the work they do.   We love the landscaping industry.  It’s all we do and we are in the business with passion and intention.  

But what makes us different from the other landscape providers?  One of the differentiaters is our convenience and ease of use to the customer.  We accept credit card payments and Apple Pay.  You can setup auto pay on your account for an effortless month to month experience.   We have an online client hub where you can view invoices and quotes anytime you like and print or download for your reference.  From your client hub, you can even see scheduled visits.  We run everything through software and are constantly investing in updated technology for your experience to be as easy and straightforward as possible.  In addition to adding convenience, we are a system based business.  Everything we do is performed the same way each time.  Of course, we constantly update our systems and procedures as new, improved methods come available to us, but it means you can come to appreciate a reliable, repeatable product no matter who is servicing your property.  We hold our employees accountable for any customer complaints coming from the property they service.  When a call comes in from a less than satisfied customer, we ensure the same team member that serviced the property goes back to fix the mistake.  This breeds accountability in our culture and makes our team members take ownership of their project leading to a higher quality standard throughout our whole organization.


Funny enough, the name Boscage Landscaping was initially inspired by a dictionary search.  Boscage means massed trees or shrubs  “the lush subtropical boscage” It also means a tax used on wood.  This name was picked because of its association with outdoor material and it also sparked interest because of its interesting sounding & looking name.  The word boscage is pronounced ˈbä-skij

Frequently asked questions.

Is the company licensed, insured, and bonded?


Yes, Boscage Landscaping is licensed and bonded with the State of Iowa as a Corporation. We are also insured for liability and property damage up to $1,000,000 per incidence.


Do I have to sign a contract?


No. We do not force contracts on residential maintenance clients. We do like to have a digital signature on the quote sent to you through email.  This can be accessed by simply clicking the link “View Quote” The mowing and maintenance tasks are billed al a carte at the end of each month.  If you want additional services we will get an estimate to you within 48 hours.  


Is a down payment required?


Estimates that exceed $3000 total require a 20% down payment with a credit card on file prior to starting the work.


What are your payment terms?


All invoices are due within 30 days of job completion.

How will I receive my invoices?

You will receive a link via email. The link will take you to your own customer portal where you

can view all your estimates, payments, invoices, etc. Invoices can be paid via credit card right

from the customer portal or you can securely enter your card info for recurring payment each



What sort of standards are the employees held to?


All the team members at Boscage, whether in the office, field, or on delivery must uphold the

code of conduct. The Code of Conduct is Biblically-based principles that everyone must adhere

to. We have a non-smoking policy and being under the influence on-the-job is grounds for

immediate dismissal.


Where have you done work before? What type of services do you perform?

Go to and you can see many of the landscaping jobs that

we do along with a drop-down of services that we provide.

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